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If we notice a symbol everywhere we go in the city, will it influence our perception of that city and even change our mood slightly? Is it possible to positively influence the collective consciousness of an entire city through the ubiquitous placement of a commonly understood symbol; a symbol that signifies positive thought processes and is understood across cultural and linguistic barriers?

These are questions Michael Elion seeks to answer with the implementation of The Secret Love Project - a social engineering experiment spawned from the curiosity of just how art and symbols can affect the collective consciousness of an entire city. The heart shape has become an unambiguous symbol of love across the world. It signifies a feeling, represents a mode of perception and is aligned with positive emotional content.

This World Design Capital initiative operates subliminally, but at a conscious level it’s a giant collaboration with a feel-good factor for anyone and everyone who believes in the simple idea of sharing and spreading love. Sticking a heart to your car, office window, post-box or front door is simply saying “I like the idea of love in the world and I want to share it!”

Every heart sticker forms part of the artwork, and the artwork itself is a collective feeling, an emotional reaction that this particular shape elicits. If there is any doubt in the validity of the claim of the visual influence of symbols on our consciousness just imagine changing the hearts to swastikas or to the word “hate” and sticking those all over town. The Secret Love Project is an exercise in demonstrating the positive power of symbols (visual language) in human thought and behaviour.

A note on the design: this particular heart shape was designed by Michael Elion to have sexy curves!...
“God is in the detail!”


The Team


Michael Elion

South African Artist and founder of The Secret Love Project. He made the famous glasses sculpture on Cape Town's Sea Point Promenade


Tam Wiggins

Event Coordinator


Sandra Pfeifer

Writer & Blogger


Max Spechtler

Designer and IT guy for The Secret Love Project. Also sometimes paints hearts on houses.

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